Our History

    While attending Moody Bible Institute in the mid 1940’s, Marie Olsen visited the Ozarks during a summer ministry program.  After visiting in the Ozarks, she saw a vital need for Sunday Schools and Bible lessons to be taught in the schools.  Upon her return home, her burden grew for the Ozarks and she began to approach others to come and serve in the hills of north Arkansas.  Later as the need grew and they started Sunday schools and churches, she began to recruit others.  

    In the early 1950’s, some of these workers took a small group of young people camping at the Buffalo River State Park.  After seeing the positive impact that it had on the group, they began to have summer youth camp.  In 1955, they purchased 105 acres alongside what is now the Buffalo National River.  Rock Haven Ministries has served the youth and churches in the Ozark Mountain area with summer camps, VBS, children’s Bible clubs, rural church pastors, youth workers and a host of other resources and ministries to meet needs and reach people with the gospel of Christ and to advance His church in the Ozarks.

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