Lamar &Valerie Moreau

Camp & Discipleship

        I was raised in northern Arkansas, in the town of Saint Joe.  Gowing up, I attended Zion's Light Baptist Church, who sent me to Rock Haven Bible Camp every summer, as well as the retreats they had through the year.  After I became a believer, I began working at the camp as part of their SWAT program, and later became a cabin leader.  Although I originally planned to join the Army upon graduating high school, I instead chose to go to Bible School.  After graduation, I attended Ethnos 360, formerly known as New Tribes Bible Institute, where I met my wife.

         Valerie was born in South Africa.  At the age of 6, her parents became believers and attended Bible College in England, with the intent of becoming missionaries.  After graduating, they moved to the Philippines to be missionaries among the Agutaynen people.  Valerie was homeschooled by her mother on the island and wanted to be a missionary who served God.  After she graduated, she went to Ethnos 360 Bible Institute.

           We got married in May of 2021 and moved back to Arkansas from Wisconsin.  We joined Rock Haven Ministries with the intent of working with youth and young adults in the Ozarks.  We intend to continue working with the camp and our local church, while starting Bible studies and working in other youth programs.  We also intend to disciple and teach individuals who show a desire to learn and grow, imitating the example set by the Apostle Paul and Timothy.  While this is our current goal, we recognize that we will not be best suited to serve in this role forever.  Because of this, we intend to serve wherever the Lord leads us to in this ministry.  We plan on making this ministry our lifelong way of serving the Lord and the people of the Ozarks, however we can.