David & Tammy Griggs

Ministry Staff ~ Camp & Children Ministries

           David and Tammy Griggs have lived in Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years.  After surrendering to missions in 2003, they were called specifically to children's ministry. Serving through their local church, the Griggs began reaching out to help smaller area churches build community children's ministries. God's direction lead them to join efforts with Rock Haven Ministries in 2010 where they actively provide encouragement, consultation and hands-on training in order to build strong children's ministries within area churches.  In addition, David and Tammy serve through working and teaching during Rock Haven camps throughout the year.

          David and Tammy have five children that are active and involved in their ministry efforts.  They own a local private Christian school, Arkansas Children's University, and are totally committed to sharing the Gospel with a lost world, ministering to those in need and discipleship training of young Christians to grow in the power and knowledge or our Lord, Jesus Christ. 


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Phone: (870)429-5845

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